Snoring & Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) - the role of the dentist

The KnowSleep Academy™

We want you to know sleep, so we provide on-demand training and 1-2-1 coaching to develop and enable you to be an informed member of the sleep-patient care team. We know you're crazy busy so by providing our training on-line and on-demand we can make interesting CPD fit around you.

How does it work?

The course makes you feel you are in a one-to-one with a helpful and skilled teacher. It does this using short video lessons — many learners really like these.

The KnowSleep Academy™ provides Online Dental Sleep Medicine training, that offers you:

  • Background knowledge of sleep-related breathing disorders associated with snoring
  • Knowledge of dental signs and symptoms of sleep-related breathing disorders
  • Knowledge of how to get the protrusive 'Bite' right to be able to prescribe an Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD)
  • Knowledge of what to consider when selecting the most appropriate MAD for a patient
  • Knowledge of how to build your dental sleep practice
  • Enhanced CPD at your pace, to fit around your schedule
  • Ongoing support from your instructor and peers, in a private FaceBook group

With access to all the above, again and again, whenever you choose, we're confident you will KnowSleep™. (FYI course enrolments do expire after 12mths) but your membership of the Facebook group remains.

The course will allow you to:

  • Fit your learning around your other responsibilities
  • Work at your own pace
  • Re-do any parts you want, as often as you want (within your 12mth enrolment)
  • Focus on the areas that you want

Do the International course to:

  • Know When and How to prescribe Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs)
  • Become part of the sleep-patient care team
  • Learn how to identify the dental symptoms of sleep-related breathing disorders

Do the UK specific course to learn:

  • How to screen patients and identify those who are safe to treat without a prior medical diagnosis
  • and recognise those who need further investigation

By training How and When to provide this increasingly popular therapy, you become eligible for professional indemnity insurance cover from both the DDU and DPL, because the curriculum has been created in-line with the Association of Respiratory Technology and Physiology's Standard of Care document for Mandibular Repositioning Devices content requirements.

Fully supported learning

All courses enjoy ongoing support in a private FaceBook group and we periodically schedule interactive webinars with interactive FAQs. We offer different levels of coaching to help you capitalise on your training investment.

Enhanced CPD

The complete KnowSleep Academy™ meets the criteria set by the GDC for 7 hours of Enhanced and Verifiable CPD.

Evidence-based content

The KnowSleep Academy™ has been created in line with the requirements of NHS England's Information Standard and upon completion, all students with a GDC number, will be posted a paper Course Certificate, stating the Course Aims, Objectives and Enhanced CPD credit earned (7 hours).

Money-back Guarantee

We're confident you’ll be delighted with the KnowSleep Academy™, so we offer a “30-Day Money-Back Guarantee” to ensure your satisfaction. If for any reason you wish to discontinue using the KnowSleep Academy™, we will promptly issue a refund. Simply contact Adrian about our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
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Ever been excited after a training course yet ultimately it goes nowhere?

We know that one! And do something about it.

  • Translating your training into action

    To help keep you accountable to yourself, we offer: 1-2-1 phone coaching for 12 months post training and in-your-practice coaching. This is all while our patient signposting tool takes care of marketing you to prospects.

Continuing Dental Education that fits around YOU

Give it a try, the first 2 chapters are free

What do others think?

MRD Scope

david young

Excellent overview of the use of MRD appliances and aspects of snoring and OSA

Excellent overview of the use of MRD appliances and aspects of snoring and OSA

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Great watch

Kashif Razvi

An informative set of videos which have helped me gain insight into the role of dentists and how we can further improve the quality of life in patients

An informative set of videos which have helped me gain insight into the role of dentists and how we can further improve the quality of life in patients

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Marco Cascone

Learn How and When to prescribe anti-snoring devices (MADs)

Dental devices also help people medically diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnoea/apnea (OSA)

Who should enrol?

Dentists, GPs and members of the dental team.
The course is specifically aimed at dentists. However, we would also encourage members of the dental team to enrol, because we recognise the vital role they play encouraging snorers (and their partners) to take action.

We welcome GPs, to enhance their knowledge of sleep-related breathing disorders and to build relationships with sleep-trained dentists, who in the United Kingdom, are able to:

  • Screen for OSA
  • Recognise OSA symptoms that require further investigation
  • Identify snorers (without consuming NHS diagnostic resource)
  • Offer benign snorers first-line therapy (a Mandibular Advancement Device)

Important note:
Unlike others, we are not a manufacturer of anti-snoring devices. So, you'll get the full, independent picture... KnowSleep™

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Our reviews

"...interesting to expand my knowledge into a new area of dentistry..."

“This is a very simple, yet effective tool to learn about Dental Sleep Medicine. The online nature of the program allows you to learn at your own pace and schedule. Also, the information provided will provide a great starting point for any dentist who’s interested in learning about Dental Sleep Medicine. In summary; a well-organized, thorough online learning tool!!”

Dr Shouresh Charkhandeh DDS Recipient of the “2012 & 2015 Clinical Research Award” and “2015 Clinical Excellence Award” from the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM).

“I’ve no hesitation in recommending the Academy – convenient, well designed course with great support from Adrian. Interesting to expand my knowledge into a new area of dentistry and be able to offer a new health treatment for my patients.”

Lucy S. Dentist

“I’d highly recommend Adrian Zacher and the course. His course is efficient and very clear. As a dentist, I have many patients and a surprisingly high demand for treatment of snoring. It was very useful for me to begin sharing information on snoring, and to gain confidence in starting treatment.”

Roshik P. Dentist


  • Who is the Academy for?

    The nature of Academy training content is dental/medical professional, clinical and technical. It is not suited for the lay person.

  • What are the technical requirements?

    You need to be online.... 😉 we suggest you use Google Chrome specifically for the webinars - other than that, choose whatever you like: phone, iPad, PC etc.

  • How much does it cost?

    The first two chapters are entirely free. The KnowSleep™ Academy begins at £999 GBP for the Basic package. Which we consider compares favourably with other courses, especially when you factor in our whole of market perspective, convenience and business development benefits.

  • Will I get my money back if I drop out?

    We're confident you’ll be delighted with the Academy, so we offer a “30-Day Money-Back Guarantee” to ensure your satisfaction. If for any reason you wish to discontinue using the Academy, we will promptly issue a refund. Simply contact Adrian about our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. See Terms.

  • Is the content Evidence-Based?

    Yes. The course has been created in line with both the ARTP Standards of Care for MADs. Accessible here:
    And the evidence-based Principles and Requirements of UK England's NHS Information Standard.

  • Who can screen for OSA?

    The UK specific course will teach you how to screen for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA), when to provide MADs, and when to refer for further investigation.
    Screening ensures you stay indemnified by the DDU and DPL who both have position statements re MADs.
    FYI. The British Society of Dental Sleep Medicine's Pre-Treatment Screening Protocol as published in the BDJ was instigated by the course instructor: Adrian Zacher.

  • Can I begin today?

    Yes! One of the great things about taking an on-line course is that you can start at any time. Begin when you have 5 minutes and pick it up again later.

  • What if I still have questions?

    See our full FAQ or drop us an email: hello [ at ] When you're an Academy student you can also post a question in the private Academy FaceBook group, start a discussion here, or drop your Instructor a direct email to arrange a time for him to call you back. We're here to help you learn.

Meet your Instructor

Adrian Zacher

Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Care Navigator

I train healthcare professionals how to help their patients stop snoring; sleep and breathe at the same time. Many of my customers find their work so rewarding they limit their practice to it.

25 years in the sleep business, yet I am NOT a pharmacist, dentist nor a doctor. I am however, an instructor, inventor, author, market access business consultant, car enthusiast, amateur cook and proud Dad to 2 fab kids.

More about me here

  • Easy to use resources

    Easy to use resources – whether you prefer written words, on-demand video or live webinars with Q&As, useful evidence-based content has been created for you.

  • Accessible

    Professional education designed around you. Pick it up during lunch, in the evening or over the weekend. You can dip into ~25 years knowledge whenever convenient.

  • Impartial

    We’re not tied to any MAD manufacturer or therapy provider, so your Enhanced CPD is well... enhanced!

    Having a broad knowledge means that you’ll be well-placed to prescribe the most appropriate MAD for your patient.

KnowSleep Academy™ benefits:

  • On-demand video education. With optional 1-2-1 support and business development

  • Fully supported learning, with access to the tutor and your peers in our private FaceBook group

  • International and UK specific dental sleep medicine training

  • Enhanced Continuing Professional Development Education (CPD) credit

  • Evidence-based and independent from manufacturer bias (get the full picture)

  • Private FaceBook group for Academy registrants for ONGOING support

  • Highly experienced and knowledgeable tutor cuts through the hype

Dental Sleep Medicine Training and Business Development

KnowSleep Academy™

Watch Intro Video

How Adrian first became interested in snoring and sleep apnea

A short and personal account (90secs) of how Adrian first became interested in obstructive sleep apnoea, and dental sleep medicine in particular. He shares this now, in the hope that you too, can experience the satisfaction of helping patients with such fundamental needs.