Chapter 5 of 9

Snorers Need Love Too

In this chapter (5 of 9) I focus on how to grow your Dental Sleep Medicine business.

I pay particular attention to patient assessment, the UK specific pre-treatment screening protocol and the rationale behind it.

Chapter 5 Learning Objectives

  • Understand why a Team approach is required for the management of OSA.
  • Understand the basics of how to use the BSDSM protocol for UK practice and why this is a pre-requisite. (Outside the UK, this protocol could be adopted on a local or National level.)
  • Learn how to grow your dental sleep medicine practice.

Chapter 5 Educational Outcomes

  • On completion of this Chapter you will:
  • Appreciate that OSA patients have a respiratory condition that requires a team approach with the patient’s GP and referring Consultant Physician.
  • Know how to use the BSDSM screening protocol at a basic level (paper screen).
  • Get a good idea of what is required to grow your DSM practice.

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"Snorers Need Love Too" (Chapter 5)

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