Chapter 6 of 9

Hit and Miss?

In this chapter (6 of 9) I focus on improving your success rate. This chapter includes how to get the 'Bite' right, fitting and adjusting an MRD, titration protocols and your Duty of Care.

Chapter 6 Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to register/record the ‘bite’ for MRD construction
  • Understand that this initial protrusive position is a balance of acceptance, comfort and desire for ‘instant’ success
  • Comprehend that the initial protrusion from centric is a physiological variable.
  • Get a good idea of the many ways to record the protrusive position.
  • Introduction and demonstration of the George Gauge.
  • Introduction to the concept of ‘Duty of Care’ for sleep-trained dentists.

Chapter 6 Educational Outcomes

On completion of this Chapter you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of and how to get the ‘Bite’ (protrusive position) right.
  • Get a good idea of what is required to fit and adjust MRDs. Appreciate that practice with a ‘tame’ patient is a wise idea!
  • Comprehend that the Follow up & Titration protocol differ for benign snorers and those with obstructive sleep apnoea.
  • Fully appreciate the ‘Duty of Care’ that sleep-trained dentists must identify when to refer for further investigation and to recognise when MRD users are no longer effectively treated.

The entire Academy has been peer-reviewed by Dr Shouresh Charkhandeh DDS.

Last updated March 2018. Next review March 2021.

Course curriculum

    1. Learning Objectives & Educational Outcomes for verifiable CPD

    2. Introduction (01:37)

    3. Getting the 'Bite' right (06:15)

    4. No Substitute for Practice (02:56)

    5. George Gauge​ Videos (05:50)

    6. What to pay attention to... (06:55)

    7. A Third Category of MRD? (02:27)

    8. A third category of MRD - blog link

    9. Fitting and Adjusting an MRD (03:36)

    10. Follow-up and Titration protocols (03:55)

    11. Your Duty of Care (02:43)

    12. Assessment 6

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Hit and Miss? (Chapter 6)

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