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Dental Sleep Medicine pioneers for a quarter of a Century

From manufacture (and invention) of MADs, co-founding and leading the British Society of Dental Sleep Medicine, teaching and running seminars to international business creation and consulting

At the heart of all the above, is our desire to help dentists become educated sleep professionals, and an intrinsic component of the sleep-patient care team.

Below is a short and personal video account of how Adrian Zacher (your instructor) first became interested in snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), and dental sleep medicine in particular. 

Adrian shares this now, in the hope that you too can experience the satisfaction of helping patients with such fundamental needs as sleeping and breathing at the same time.

Adrian started in sleep medicine as a dental technician in <mumble...> 1994 </mumble> when he made his first gumshield based, anti-snoring device. 

In 1995 he set up Zacher Sleep Appliances, a specialist dental laboratory (which he ran for 11 years) exclusively making anti-snoring devices, with the range expanding to include adjustable devices as the technology developed.

He co-founded (and he's a former CEO) the British Society of Dental Sleep Medicine in 2005, and has either worked or consulted to most of the big sleep business names. 

There's more about Adrian on the landing page of each course. 

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